Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny conversation.....

The other day I was walking back from lunch with a friend and saw some of the guys who work downstairs outside having a smoke break. So I stopped to talk to them. The one guy asked if I was bringing in my kid for Trick or Treating at the office on Friday.

I was like "Um, I think it's not quite old enough for that."

He replies "How old do kids need to be to dress up and trick or treat?!"

I say, "Maybe.... born? haha."

He says, "You don't have any kids yet?"

To which I reply "My doctor tells me there is one in here" and pointed to my belly.

There was a chorus of "Congratulations!!!" and "I didn't know you were pregnant!" pretty enthusiastically. Fun and funny :)


Anonymous said...

Technically you ARE bringing the kid with you, right? So if you're there, Dos is there too. Tell everyone your kid is dressed as a pregnant lady.

Mich said...

"the kid is dressed as a pregnant lady" - hilarious! i love it!