Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Dudes, I made the two worst pumpkin pies on the face of the planet last night.
DO NOT USE this recipe. It is partly my fault b.c I totally didn't read the reviews. But it was one of the only recipes I could find that started the pie from an actual pumpkin.

They look pretty though don't they?

Darnit, now I'm craving a pumpkin pie. A not-disgusting one.

Updated to add - they were awful b.c they tasted awful. The recipe didn't include any sugar or cinnamon, and it just tasted like baked squash. Gross!


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Call me dumb but I don't see 100 percent what's wrong here. Yes, it looks a little dark around the crust but that's it. What was so wrong?

MonkeyBusiness said...

It tasted like crap!!

Mich said...

even if it was an epic fail - I am super impressed with your effort!