Friday, April 09, 2010

Random decor

Awhile back my friend Emily and I hit up IKEA to grab some household stuff and I scored a bunch of white frames. I got a whole bunch to make a collage above our bed in the guest room, which I haven't gotten around to doing. I did put the Milly print in one of the frames, look how cute it is! Right now I have it on our mantle and I love it. I think I'll be sad when I end up doing the collage in the guest room and have to move it in there!

This print was one that Mike kind of bought on our cruise back in March of 2006, before we were even engaged. I thought it was super cute - my nursery when I was a baby was Pooh themed. On the cruise, the art auctioneers only brought up items that people had an interest in and had marked with post-its. I wanted to see how much it would be in the auction, so I put tagged it with one of my post-its. I went to the bathroom during the auction and came back and Mike had bought it. "I bought if for you," he said. "Oh that was nice!" I replied. "Um, no.... well.... I bought it on your account." He had used MY ship account to purchase the print and boy was I honked off! It was $75 with a $75 shipping charge so he had basically just spent $150 of my money without my consent. Oy. Crazy boy. But I am glad he did it now - shipping was one flat rate regardless of how much stuff you got so I ended up buying a Pete Rose signed home plate that hangs in our den to really get the most out of my $75 shipping charge! And now we have this for the guest room. It sits on the dresser with the Paddington Bear I inherited when my grandmother passed away. They are a nice-looking pair together.

I love these two little prints. Most of the decoration in our condo is photography, and while I love having photos around, it's fun to mix it up a bit!