Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween fun

With the colder weather, our friend group gets a lot more social. We're all around more, so that lends itself to a lot more gatherings! We kicked off the winter fun season with Halloween. As we did last year, we had a few people over to pregame before heading out to another party a friend threw at a bar. Mike hates to dress up for Halloween, so we never do a couples costume. This year I went as a superhero with my friend Stacy. Go superheroes!
I put out the drinking chess set this year again and it didn't get used! So sad. It was a huge hit last year! Here is a pics of me and Hubs at the bar. His friend dressed as Santa and had all kinds of fun stuff in his gift bag to give away. This, he gave to Hubs since he didn't have a costume. hahah!

Here is one of me and my friend Em, who dressed as a cute cowgirl :)

We've got a fun couple of weeks planned, and I'm looking forward to November. Friday nights are Hubs and Me nights, and Saturday we have social events planned. No travelling until Thanksgiving, which I'm VERY thankful for! Last week I made a chicken, rice and beans recipe on Friday that we LOVED, and this week for Friday dinner I've got something that should be equally delish. I am looking forward to trying new recipes on Fridays for November, and I'll let you know how they turn out. But I am TELLING YOU, make that rice and beans recipe TODAY.


Tabatha said...

Love the Costume april.
Looks like you had a great time.

Gayle said...

Where's the pic of Milly in her costume?

Bayjb said...

Your costume looks awesome! So festive. What did Milly go as??