Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random roundup

  • If you have to get a root canal done and you have a choice of which tooth to get it done on (like you ever would get a choice!) I would HIGHLY recommend a front tooth. Only one nerve as opposed to 3-4 nerves! I was in and out of there in under an hour. And I argued my way down on the bill thanks to the dental coverage printout I took in there (on the phone these jokers from Cigna totally tell my dentist office the WRONG coverage). AND THEN the parking lot machine wasn't working so the guy let me out for free. So, let's just say it was the best root canal EVER.
  • My 10 year high school reunion was this weekend. There was a dismal turnout (like 30 people, most of whom I keep in touch with by some means)... but it was VERY fun. It was so fun to see everyone and I feel like I know what is going on in people's lives via their blogs and myspace/facebook. So we just had fun catching up on other random stuff instead of the basics and had fun together. I made Jay and Kim go with us to the bar to meet up too, since he hung out with guys from my senior class a ton. And I was so glad he was there - I think the guys enjoyed seeing him :c)
  • Saturday, Kim and I went shopping. And I bought a super-cute red cocktail dress. My weight-loss goal was to fit in the red BCBG dress I already own, but this dress may be an even greater option ;c)
  • While we were shopping, my dad took Mike out to see our oil well

Who's the cute boy by the oil well? My cute boy!

  • Clay Aiken confirmed he is gay today? Is this NEWS to anyone?!
  • I am in week 3 of mini-marathon training. Some days it's kicking my butt, some days I'm kicking it's butt. At least I feel like I'm kicking butt part-time, no?
  • My friend Amy closes on her new condo on Friday. CONGRATS, AMY!!!!