Sunday, July 06, 2008

Moosh contest

So there is this contest I want to enter via Moosh in Indy and Hair Thursday... here are the deets:

Rules say that I have to post pics of myself with good and bad hair days. sooooo.... here we go! I had some trouble finding bad hair pics. Mostly because there are a number of ways that my hair can be bad, and if there is a perfect storm of bad hair, it's quite likely I would delete those photos right away. So here are a few and the reasons for bad hair mojo...

No access to styling tools... Australia '08.
BAD layers... nothing like paying $80 for a bonafide mullet. March '05

I get all sweaty and it goes into a teardrop pony with curlies around the face

Here are the "good hair day" photos!

ahhh, nice straight hair with no humidity and a mojito? it really WAS A good day!

after a fresh haircut last fall

Supershort and blonde in 2005

And this is where my hair stands now... a little darker, and short with a few layers (me in purple!)


moosh in indy. said...

Goooood luuuuck!

Isabel said...

Oh, I like the short blond look!!

And yes...good luck!