Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random bloggy fun

Today this post from Miss Doxie has me in stitches.... here is the excerpt that is cracking me up:

Planet Unicorn is a series of five little animated videos, each of which is about 3 or 4 minutes long, and...well, actually, I am not going to try to summarize all the complicated plot devices and meticulous character development involved therein. No. Because that has already been DONE, and you can pretty much learn all you need to know about the subtle nuances of the show by reading the spoken-word intro that precedes the theme song:

In the year 2118, an 8-year-old gay boy named Shannon found a magic lamp. He was granted three wishes. The first, a fur jacket. The second, a flying car. The third was a planet full of unicorns. This is the story of that planet.

Okay, now. PEOPLE. Are y'all still with me? Did you get all that? Because: LET'S REVIEW.

This is a show about a gay unicorn planet. In the future. That was wished into existence by an eight year old gay boy. Now, y'all...I ask you. WHAT ABOUT THAT IS NOT AWESOME. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TELL ME.

And, oh. Oh, you guys, it only gets better. For example, did you know that the three unicorns who inhabit Planet Unicorn are named Feathers:




and Tom Cruise?

tom cruise.bmp

Seriously? The fact that the last unicorn is named Tom Cruise was soooo funny to me for some reason. I literally cracked up in my cube reading that. I also think it's hysterical that later in the post she photoshops pictures of her daschunds so they look like the unicorns. Classic.


bow-za said...

I hateyou for this! lol