Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 14

First day of the honeymoon! We got up at 4:00 AM (GAH! SO early!) and got ourselves to Midway airport to catch a flight to Oakland. There, we picked up our kickin' Toyota Solara convertible and headed to San Fran.

My hottie husband, driving the hottie carIt was cold in San Fran. We had packed for 90-100 degree weather. Brrrrrr...... But very pretty. We drove downtown and found our hotel, then drove around a bit to find Chinatown and see some cool hills.
Big bow and arrow with a backdrop of the Bay bridge
Once we had had enough driving around we parked down at Fisherman's wharf to have lunch. We made the poorest choice we probably could have, ending up Fisherman's Grotto. Picking a restaurant when we are starving-hungry is always a disaster. The place had a pretty decent cheeseburger, even if it was a majorly expensive thicker version of the McD's hamburger. But my shrimp sandwich looked so awful - like a pile of white worms - that I had to cover it up with a napkin. The thing made me want to hurl. Once my belly was full of french fries and Mike was done with his cheeseburger (which I totally scammed some of), we went and checked into the hotel. After getting up at 4AM Chicago time (2 AM Cali time), I was ready for a nap. So I slept for four solid hours. Yikes. But it was a very good nap, well worth it.
After the marathon napping session, we got up and headed to Alioto's. My parents went to this restaurant for their 25th anniversary and had recommended it, so we made reservations on Opentable when we got to the hotel. It was really nice - great view, good food. I had the seafood risotto, and it was fantastic (I have a MajorLove for anything with scallops OR risotto, so this combo was perfect for me).
Once we finished dinner, we were going to go get some cocktails somewhere but didn't really want to go to the trouble of finding someplace - so we did the classiest thing possible and purchased ourselves a bottle of cheap champagne from the 7-11.
Our own little celebration, a little high-class Korbel. Yay, we're married!!!!